How to Get Birds off Your Roof

By Norma, Press & PR in Bird Deterrent Advice Friday, January 08, 2016

We've all witnessed the miraculous spectacle of birds that were previously nesting unseen, flocking into the air in intricate and seemingly chaotic yet coherent formation, creating a dazzling show in the sky for a short time, only to land on a roof a few meters away. There have been numerous studies into what dictates the way that birds flock, and for years people have been amazed at how as a group they are able to make hairpin turns mid-air at speeds which can reach above 30 miles per hour. Regardless of how and why they do it, and the science behind the aerial acrobatics that are in play, we cant help but feel perturbed when these flocks of birds land on our roofs. Even the occasional Seagull can cause a nuisance on a flat roof with their loud webbed feet, but regardless of species; having birds perching and nesting on your roof can create a myriad of problems, from the aforementioned noise, to the mess that they cause by carrying debris and nesting, through to the inevitable droppings that they leave behind. These droppings are, as with all faeces, highly toxic and potentially harmful to us, and its understandable that rather than dealing with the mess that birds leave behind, you'd rather stop the issue from occurring in the first place. Here well list some top tips for keeping birds off of your roof, and how we at No More Birds can help you.

Pigeon Spikes on Roof Ridges, Gutters and Window Sills

At No More Birds we supply a wide range of bird deterrent products that provide an effective deterrent that keeps birds away from your roof and property, all of which have been designed to do so in a humane way that deters these birds rather than harming them. Rest assured that this is the case with our bird spike products, which aren't designed to impale our feathered friends as they might appear to be, but to deter them from landing in certain areas by making it uncomfortable or impossible for them to land. We provide a wide variety of Spikes that are suitable for different species of birds from Seagull Spikes which are designed to keep not just Seagulls but birds of that size off of your roof, Pigeon Spikes which are design to keep Pigeons and birds of that size off of your roof, and for smaller birds we sell Starling and Sparrow Spikes. Bird spikes are simple to install and at No More Birds we sell Spike Fixings for roof ridges, guttering and window sills, so no matter where you need them to be installed we have both the fixings and the tools that you need to install them.

Seagull Wire (Gullwire) That Allows Roof Access

For some roof types spikes aren't enough, particularly for some types of roof where installing a multitude of spikes would be both an arduous and expensive task, and one that can limit essential roof access. In scenarios where a large amount of space needs to be covered and where roof access is still needed; we recommend using our Post and Wire Kits, also known as Gullwire Kits. Gullwire works by installing parallel wires along the surface of your roof at widths that sit just below the wingspan of a Seagull. Doing so works much in the same way as Seagull Spikes and prevents Seagulls from being able to land, without providing any form of entrapment or causing them to become entangled, which isn't what these deterrents have been designed to achieve. As with the bird spikes that we sell from our online store, Seagull Wire, or Gullwire, isn't limited to just the deterrence of Seagulls and can be used to deter a variety of bird species. We do sell kits that are tailored to deter Pigeons as well as Seagulls, however our kits can be tailored to deter most species of bird provided that you know their wingspan. We provide all the Tools that are needed to install these kits, and the advantage of products such as Gullwire is that once you have installed it, you still have access to your roof if needed.

Protect Your Flat Roof with Netting

If your property has a flat roof you might find that Spikes and Wire wont necessarily meet your needs, and in these instances Netting can be very effective. Netting essentially applies the same principle as Gullwire, in that it deters birds from being able to land on your roof by making the surface appear unappealing. As with our Spike and Wire products that we have available at No More Birds, our Netting products have been tailored to deter specific types of birds, so we offer Pigeon Netting, Seagull Netting, Sparrow Netting and Starling Netting, each of which is designed to deter the titular bird and species of a similar shape and size. To help with the installation of your bird deterrent netting we provide Net Fixings, Roof Mounts and the Tools that you need to install your bird netting.

Visual Deterrents are a Great Additional Measure

Whether used on their own or in addition to the deterrents that we have already listed; Visual Deterrents are highly effective on roofs, and by placing these deterrents on your roof, unlike other areas of your property, they likely wont be visible to you which will help in maintaining the aesthetic of your property. Visual deterrents such as Reflective Ribbons and Bird Scarer Rods are very effective, and products such as Scare Eye Balloons and TerrifEye's give the impression that a predator of your pest bird is on your roof, which will deter most species of bird. We also offer a range of decoy birds which work in the same manner as visual deterrents with eye motifs, in that they give your pest bird the impression that a predator is present.

All of these products are applicable to whole variety of scenarios and different roof types, and your requirements may differ from those that we have gone through here. We have a wide range of bird deterrent products available at No More Birds, and our team have a wealth of experience in providing clients across West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and beyond with effective deterrents to keep their roof and property free of birds that cause a nuisance. If you would like some advice on which products are right for you, our experienced team are more than happy to help. You can contact us using our online contact form, by sending an email through to, or by calling 0844 822 8675 where you can also check stock levels and place an order.