Crow Control Common Name
Carrion Crow

Latin Name
Corvus corone

When can I see Crows?
Crows can be seen all year round in the UK.

When do Crows breed?
Crows tend to breed between March and April,

Where can I see Crows?
Crows can be found all over the UK, including city centres, the seaside, woodlands, and upland moorlands.

How to identify Crows?
Crows are medium to large sized birds, and whilst the Carrion Crow tends to mainly be black, some species of Crow can be black and grey, pied, colourful or well-patterned. The Crow is intelligent and quite adaptable, often rather fearless, and they are usually solitary and can be found alone or in a pair. Carrion Crows tend to search gardens for food and although cautious, they will learn when it is safe to look for food and return repeatedly to feed.

What do Crows eat?
Crows tend to eat worms, insects, seeds, fruit and any scraps that they can find.

Effective Crow Deterrents
Effective deterrents include Seagull Spikes and Bird Repellent Gel.

Where can I find out more about Crows?
Some more information on Crows can be found on the RSPB website.
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