Our range of Bird Deterrent Spike Fixings from No More Birds are intended for use with our range of Bird Deterrent Spikes to discourage birds from landing, nesting leaving mess and being a nuisance on and around your property.

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Pigeon/Seagull Spike Gutter Clips

£3.05 (£2.55 ex vat)

Pigeon/Seagull Spike Window Posts

£2.65 (£2.20 ex vat)

Surface Cleaner 500ml

£10.10 (£8.40 ex vat)

Surface Activator 500ml

£19.20 (£15.99 ex vat)

Spike Fixing Screw

£0.60 (£0.50 ex vat)

Silicone Adhesive

£8.15 (£6.80 ex vat)

Cable Ties

£1.20 (£0.99 ex vat)
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