Sparrow Control Common Name

Latin Name
Passer domesticus

When can I see Sparrows?
Sparrows can be sighted all year round.

When do Sparrows breed?
Sparrows breed between April and August.

Where can I see Sparrows?
Sparrows can be found anywhere from farmlands and the countryside to city centres, but they tend to feed and breed close to people. Sparrow numbers are in decline in many city centres, but are not uncommon in towns and villages. Sparrows are essentially absent from some parts of the Scottish Highlands, and are rarely seen in most upland areas.

How to identify Sparrows?
Sparrows are noisy and gregarious finch-like birds with stout bodies, broad heads, rounded wings and deep conical bills that have adapted to eating seeds. They have a habit of exploiting our rubbish and waste and as the ultimate opportunist and have managed to colonise most of the world, but are currently struggling to survive in the UK. Sightings of Sparrows are in decline in gardens and the wider countryside and their recent declines have earned them a place on the Red List.

What do Sparrows eat?
Sparrows tend to eat seeds and scraps when they are available.

Effective Sparrow Deterrents
Decoys, Sparrow Netting and Acoustic Deterrents are effective, particularly the Bird Chase Super Sonic to deter Sparrows from cattle sheds.

Where can I find out more about Sparrows?
Some more information on Sparrows can be found on the RSPB website.
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