Starling Control Common Name

Latin Name
Sturnus vulgaris

When can I see Starlings?
Starlings can be seen all year round, large numbers of them arrive in autumn to spend winter in the UK.

When do Starlings breed?
Starlings tend to breed around mid-April.

Where can I see Starlings?
Starlings are widespread in the UK and can be found almost everywhere except for parts of the Scottish Highlands. They are most common in the south of England and are less common in upland areas with moorland. Huge Starling roosts can be found in reed beds, plantations and city centres.

How to identify Starlings?
Starlings are smaller than blackbirds and have a pointed head, short tail, triangular wings, and look black at a distance but on closer inspection a glossy sheen of purples and greens can be seen. Starling flight is fast and they can walk and run confidently on the ground. Quite gregarious and loud, Starlings tend to be found in flocks. Whilst they are still one of the commonest of garden birds in the UK, their decline elsewhere means that they are a Red List species.

What do Starlings eat?
Starlings mainly eat insects and fruit.

Effective Starling Deterrents
Acoustic Bird Deterrents, Starling Netting and Bird Repellent Gel/Liquid

Where can I find out more about Starlings?
Some more information on Starlings can be found on the RSPB website.
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