Our range of tools that are intended for use with our bird deterrent netting. Our Bird deterrent netting helps to keep pest birds from landing, nesting and being a nuisance on your property.

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10mm Masonry Drill Bit

£3.15 (£2.64 ex vat)

Hog Ring Stapler - 1000 FREE HOG RINGS

£46.80 (£38.99 ex vat)

Ratchet Crimper

£41.95 (£34.95 ex vat)

Nut Spinner

£9.10 (£7.60 ex vat)

Wire Rope Cutters

£19.20 (£15.99 ex vat)

Felco Wire Cutters

£73.20 (£60.99 ex vat)

Net Shears

£8.40 (£6.99 ex vat)

6mm Masonry Drill Bit

£2.10 (£1.75 ex vat)

Standard Net Tool Kit

£70.05 (£58.38 ex vat)

Professional Net Tool Kit

£136.80 (£113.99 ex vat)
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