Goose Control Common Name
Canada Goose

Latin Name
Branta canadensis

When can I see Geese?
Geese can be sighted all year round. Occasionally birds of smaller races of birds can be seen with other wild geese species in the winter in Northern Ireland and West Scotland.

When do Geese breed?
Geese mostly breed in the Spring on water.

Where can I see Geese?
Geese can be sighted around gravel pits, lakes and parks around towns.

How to identify Geese?
Geese have a distinctive black head and neck with a large white patch around the throat. Geese were introduced from North America and have successfully bred to cover most of the UK. They are often seen as a nuisance and form large noisy flocks and in areas such as parks and grassland.

What do Geese eat?
Geese tend to eat vegetation such as leaves, roots and grass, but also consume seeds.

Effective Goose Deterrents
Migrate Goose Repellent and Acoustics Deterrents such as the Goose Chase Super Sonic are very effective.

Where can I find out more about Geese?
Some more information on Geese can be found on the RSPB website.
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