Audible and visual scarers that are intended for agricultural use to keep birds off of farm land and other outdoor spaces from No More Birds, includes a wide range of products and accessories.

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Scarecrow 180 System

£1,104.00 (£920.00 ex vat)

Hanging Crow Scarer

£24.00 (£19.99 ex vat)

Replacement Hawk Kite Pole

£72.00 (£59.99 ex vat)

Sentinel Wind Powered Bird Scarer

£72.00 (£59.99 ex vat)

The Hunter Bird Scarer

£162.00 (£134.99 ex vat)

Hawk Kite Bird Scarer Kit

£127.20 (£105.99 ex vat)

Replacement Kite for Hawk Kite Scarer

£48.00 (£39.99 ex vat)

Crop Gard

£108.00 (£89.99 ex vat)

Hawk Eye

£36.00 (£29.99 ex vat)

Scatter Bird Mark4

£490.20 (£408.50 ex vat)

Bangalore Bird Scarer

£540.00 (£449.99 ex vat)
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