Pigeon Control Common Name

Latin Name
Columba livia

When can I see Pigeons?
All year round

When do Pigeons breed?
Between March and July, but they can breed all year round.

Where can I see Pigeons?
Recently there has been an increase in Pigeon numbers. Pigeons have successfully adapting to life in urban areas by roosting and breeding in tall buildings and other places in cities and towns that provide shelter. This is potentially as some of these habitats are very similar to the homes that they used to make in cliffs. Pigeons are attracted to balconies, ledges, flat roofs, loft spaces and empty buildings.

How to identify Pigeons?
Sometimes known as flying rats, Pigeons descended from Rock Doves which interbreed with escaped racing Pigeons and domestic Pigeons from lofts. Feral pigeons have a variety of appearances, some are bluer, others are blacker, some can be pale grey with darker chequered markings, others have a dull brick-red or cinnamon-brown shade, and some can look exactly like wild rock doves or even be less white.

What do Pigeons eat?
Pigeons natural food is green vegetable matter and grain.

Effective Pigeon Deterrents
Pigeon Spikes, Pigeon Netting, Acoustic Bird Deterrents, Decoys and Post & Wire

Where can I find out more about Pigeons?
Some more information on Pigeons can be found on the RSPB website.
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