Seagull Control Common Name
Herring Gull / Seagull

Latin Name
Larus Argentatus

When can I see Seagulls?
All year round

When do Seagulls breed?
Between April and August

Where can I see Seagulls?
Seagulls are spread out far and wide across the UK, and can frequently be spotted at seaside towns during the breeding season, as well as being sighted inland all year round, particularly at playing fields, reservoirs and rubbish tips.

How to identify Seagulls?
Seagulls are rather large and noisy birds; the adults are easily recognisable by their light grey backs, their wings have black tips, and they have white under parts. They also have pink legs with webbed feet, and they have large bills with a slight hook that is usually marked with a red spot. The younger Gulls are mottled brown.

What do Seagulls eat?
Seagulls are omnivorous scavengers.

Effective Deterrents
Seagull Spikes, Seagull Netting, Post & Wire, Seagull Netting and Acoustic Deterrents - We would particularly recommend the Bird Chase Super Sonic which plays the Seagull distress call to deter the Gulls.

Where can I find out more about Seagulls?
Some more information on Seagulls can be found on the RSPB website.
For more information on our bird control products please don't hesitate to contact us directly.