Seagull Spike Fence Kit

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Where to Use

Wooden fences where Seagulls are proving a nuisance

Product Specification

Seagull Spikes with Polycarbonate base and spike. (1 metre of Seagull spikes contains 3 x 33cm strips)

Includes 10 high quality fitting screws per metre of spikes

Snap off points along the base of the spikes to make shortening of the spike strip easy.

Spike Height - 165mmm

10 year warranty


Minimum width area - 200mm

Maximum width area - 380mm

How to Install

Fix to surface through ready made holes on base of spikes using the screws provided. Recommendation of 3 screws per strip.

Alternatively, use our Silicone Adhesive on the area to protect, ensuring it is primed correctly first.