Plastic Pigeon Spikes - Gutter Kit

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£6.25 (£5.20 ex vat)

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Where to Use


Product Specification

1m, 5m or 10m Kit (Please choose above)

Each Kit containts the relevant quantity of Plastic Pigeon Spikes and Gutter Clips required for a sucessful installation.

Polycarbonate base and spike

Polycarbonate Gutter Clip

Snap off points along the base of the spikes to make shortening of the spike strip easy.

Spike Height - 110mm

10 year warranty


Minimum area - 150mm

Maximum area - 215mm

How to Install

Push the Gutter Clip onto base of the spikes

Slide the Gutter Clip with spike onto the edge of the guttering.

Height of Spike 110mm
Minimum Area Protected 150mm
Maximum Area Protected 215mm

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