Pigeon Net Kit For Timber 5m x 5m

£42.00 (£34.99 ex vat)

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Kit comes complete with everything needed for the installation of a 50mm mesh, 5m x 5m pigeon net into timber.
A 5m x 5m, 50mm mesh, knotted polyethylene, pigeon net in your choice of colour, galvanised fixings, galvanised perimeter & straining products and specialist tools.

The kit contains
Pigeon net, 50mm mesh - 5m x 5m in either black, stone, translucent or no flame X 1
100mm Vine Eyes in galvanised steel X 4
Intermediate Fixings in galvanised steel (Screw Eyes) X 20
Wire Rope 7/7 2mm diameter in galvanised steel 25M reel
M5 Barrel Strainers in galvanised steel (tensioning products) X 4
Wire rope grips in galvanised steel X 8
Hog ring staples (For fixing the net to the wire rope) in galvanised steel X 400
Sprung Net Shears (For easy cutting of the Net) X 1
Hog Ring Stapler X 1
Wire Rope Grip Nut Spinner (For tightening the wire rope grips) X 1
Wire Rope Cutters for ease of trimming the wire rope X 1
  • Code: - PNKT-001-B