Pigeon Net Kit For Cladding 10m x 10m

£120.00 (£99.99 ex vat)

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Kit comes complete with everything needed for the installation of a 50mm mesh, 10m x 10m pigeon net into sheet metal cladding.
A 10m x 10m, 50mm mesh, knotted polyethylene, pigeon net in your choice of colour, galvanised fixings, galvanised perimeter & straining products and specialist tools.

This kit is an excellent method of fixing to sheet steel cladding often found in commercial and industrial buildings. It offers fast and secure fixings including rubber doughnut cladding bolts for the corner fixings and self-drill tec screws, bonded washers and angle brackets for the intermediate fixings.

The kit contains
Pigeon net, 50mm mesh - 10m x 10m in either black, stone, translucent or no flame X 1
Corner Cladding Bolts in Galvanised Steel X 4
Intermediate Fixings in galvanised steel (Hex Head Self Drill Screw, Rubber Bonded Washer & Angle Bracket) X 40
Wire Rope 7/7 2mm diameter in galvanised steel 50M reel
M5 Barrel Strainers in galvanised steel (tensioning products) X 4
Wire rope grips in galvanised steel X 16
Hog ring staples (For fixing the net to the wire rope) in galvanised steel X 800
Sprung Net Shears (For easy cutting of the Net) X 1
Hog Ring Stapler X 1
Wire Rope Grip Nut Spinner (For tightening the wire rope grips) X 1
Wire Rope Cutters for ease of trimming the wire rope X 1
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