Laser Strike Bird Scaring Laser

£600.00 (£499.99 ex vat)

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Where To Use

Long-distance silent optical bird repeller for indoor/outdoor use.

Ideal for repelling birds from large indoor structures: Hangars, Warehouses & Factories.

Product Specifications

Maximum range of 500m.

Birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical danger and fly away in search for safer grounds.

How To Install

The Laser Strike is most effective during sunrise and sunset and in overcast, rainy or foggy weather conditions. The Laser Strike has a unique 100mW diode to ensure that this is still effective on bright sunny days.

It is silent and highly effective against most species of bird.

Tests have shown that repeated use of the Laser Strike over 3 to 10 days will substantially reduce or eliminate the target species.

The Laser Strike is a safe, effective birdscaring tool.

As this uses 3B lasers, the Laser Strike is for Professional Use only.

Comes complete with carrying case, 2 x 2400 MAh rechargeable batteries, battery charger and 2 x keys for secure use.

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