Erastz Gull Egg

£2.40 (£1.99 ex vat)

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Research shows that replacing seagull eggs with plastic imitations in the nest reduces breeding success and keeps gulls calm during the breeding season.

Dummy eggs can reduce aggression in Lesser Backed and Herring Seagulls. Aggression happens when the young birds are leaving the nest. Reduce this aggression by replacing the real eggs with an imitation egg at the start of the season. The seagull will sit happily on the dummy eggs. Encouraging seagulls to incubate an imitation egg allowing seagull populations to decline naturally

Replacement eggs are an alternative to egg oiling, they are less messy and more cost effective. They also provide a more humane solution to the problem of urban seagull pest control

The eggs are made of plastic and weighted with sand to feel like a realistic ? Each egg weighs approximately 60g. The replacement eggs are re-usable ? just retrieve the eggs at the end of season.