Bird Post and Wire Holders

£12.00 (£9.99 ex vat)

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Bird Post and Wire Holder system keeps birds off ledges, sills and flat roofing. It is a low visibility product that requires no measuring and no power tools, making it much quicker to install than other available bird wire systems.

Our bird post and wire deterrent is favoured by architects as the base requires no drilling into the ledge, protecting listed buildings from damage caused by drilling, which can lead to water ingress and stress fractures.
Previous bird wire systems were notoriously difficult and complicated to install, and required professional bird control technicians to put them into position. Bird Post and Wire Holder has been designed to simplify installation and make it accessible for all property owners.

The UV stabilised polycarbonate base of this post and wire system replaces the old method of individual posts with a pre-assembled strip that negates the need for careful measuring, precise drilling, and the potential damage this can cause to your property.

Strip Length
Each 33.4 cm moulded strip can hold up to 11 posts. This system means the first post is taken right up to the very front of the leading edge to be protected, even if rounded or part-missing. Any small sections that are uneven or damaged are simply bypassed and supported by the rest of the base. No measuring is required as the spacing between the posts is already at the correct intervals which makes installation quick and easy.

Anti-topple Stabilisers
The patented base uses anti-topple stabilisers to prevent the posts from inward collapse. If a large bird attempts to land on the wires, the force of the bird is shared down the length of the strip and the anti-topple stabilisers, making it impossible for the Bird Post and Wire system to collapse in on itself.

Snappable Sections
There are 11 breakable sections along the base that can simply be snapped apart with your fingers to shorten the strip if required. The bird wire strip is then just glued into position. There are 43 holes along its base through which the fixing silicone oozes when the base is pressed in place. This creates a lock to give a strong, permanent hold.

Each strip is 33cm long
Includes the 11 Inserted Posts