Bird Free Fire Gel Repellent

£66.00 (£54.99 ex vat)

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A NEW IMPROVED FORMULA that provides control in even the most difficult areas. The 15 dishes supplied come pre-filled, saving time and money.

Quick and easy to apply

Keeps all pest birds off structures without harming them

Maintains and protects the aesthetics of the structure

New formula has a firmer texture providing the versatility of use on pitched roofs and acutely angled surfaces

Where to Use

Ledges, Sills, Guttering, Car Parks, Garages

How to Install

Place the dishes at regular intervals depending on the severity of the problem.

Use a Silicone adhesive to place the dishes on the surface requiring protection


Nesting Birds 4-6" intervals between dishes
Roosting Birds 10-12" intervals between dishes
Loafing Birds 18-20" intervals between dishes
  • Code: - BFF-001

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