Bye Birds Repellent Gel

£36.00 (£29.99 ex vat)

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Where to Use

Sills, Ledges, Aerials, Swings

How it Works

Applied correctly the gel will provided a surface for pigeons and smaller birds that they do not like to land on.


1 tube will protect approximately 3 metres

How to Install

Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry.

Using our silicone adhesive glue the dishes at the recommended distance - please see below.

Fill each dish with 16-20g of product.

For Seagulls use approximately 32-40g.

For Sparrows apply linearly.

For Swallows apply on the walls and 10cm from each nest.

This gel can be applied directly onto non absorbent surfaces without the use of the supplied dishes.

Each pack contains 15 dishes.

For large problem areas 10-15cm apart
For medium problem areas 20-25cm apart
For small problem areas 25-30cm apart