Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic System for Offshore Rigs and Heli-Decks

£7,672.80 (£6,394.00 ex vat)

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Scarecrow Marina Rack Mounted System

120 Watt Power Amplifier With Cabinet

4 x Class 1 'EexmN' Rated Horn Loudspeakers

9 Standard Dispersal Calls: Herring Gull, Common Gull, Black Headed Gull, Lapwing, Starling, Rook, Crow, Pigeon, Magpie

Matching impedance

50/100v lines, 35 watt load
Various power outputs can be supplied- e.g. AD032 120watt 100v line for major systems

User controls

Override/test, manual start of auto sequence
Sound level - rotary 12 position stepped attenuator
Function- birds, aux 1, aux 2, microphone/remote (auxiliary inputs will accept external sound sources, maximum sensitivity 250mV), message, siren, auto sequence
Power ON/OFF

Front panel facilities- Microphone input; AD086 press to talk.

Extra cost option- Compatible headphone system monitor, disconnecting loudspeaker system when used, included with Marina.

Auto sequence mode- The bird calls selected to be automatically sequenced will be replayed randomly with a minimum time between plays of 20 minutes, max 60 minutes, NORMAL MODE; 15 minutes, max 40 minutes, REINFORCE; 5 minutes, max 20 minutes, SEVERE

Maximum bird calls per auto sequence - Four
Sequence time- 45 seconds per bird call, totalling 3 minutes (4 calls)

Supply requirements 230v a.c 50/60HZ OR 24v d.c. 50VA, reverse polarity protected
Rated output 35 watts RMS
600R line, OdBm
  • Code: - ACO-033