Repeller 360

£60.00 (£49.99 ex vat)

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Repeller 360 is a humane spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent birds from landing.

Covering areas up to 2 metres in diameter, the Repeller 360 uses wind power to spin continuously and features reflective predator eyes at the end of each arm to confuse and scare birds from coming near the protected area.

The spinning motion and reflective predator eye work together to keep birds away! The Repeller 360 is pre-assembled, easy to install, and can be used in a variety of settings including: boats, docks, light posts, air conditioner units, skylights, dock pilings, and more!

  • Spinning motion and reflective predator eyes work together to scare birds away and prevent birds from landing
  • Wind powered; no electricity needed
  • Reflective Predator Eyes on Sails help deter birds from the area
  • Spins continuously to prevent birds from landing!
  • Easy to install, easy to store
  • Helps eliminate unsightly messes and stains caused by bird feces
  • High wind tested - will not break or fall off in high wind areas.
  • Humane and effective bird deterrent design
    • Code: - REP-033