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All of our products are a humane deterrent strictly adhering to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We do in no way condone the harm of birds and we encourage their nesting in natural habitats.
Due to their height birds like to perch on roof ridges where they can drop debris and leave their droppings. For these deterrents you need to know if your roof ridges are triangular or half round. For half round ridges choose from our range of bird spikes or bird wire for a more discreet solution. If your ridge is triangular our specialist Triangular Ridge Spike is effective or you can use bird wire to stop them from perching.

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GullWire Masonry Kit for 90m

£158.65 (£132.20 ex vat)

Ridge Bracket - Half Round

£15.80 (£13.15 ex vat)

Ridge Bracket - Half Round

£16.20 (£13.50 ex vat)

Wind-Powered Bird Scarer

£18.00 (£14.99 ex vat)

Hunting Barn Owl

£36.00 (£29.99 ex vat)

Starling & Sparrow Spikes

£12.00 (£9.99 ex vat)

Seagull Spikes

£5.20 (£4.35 ex vat)
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