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All of our products are a humane deterrent strictly adhering to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We do in no way condone the harm of birds and we encourage their nesting in natural habitats.
Balconies give us the opportunity to look out over our gardens or watch the world around us pass by, but they are also quite appealing to birds. We offer a few products that work well to keep pest birds away from your balcony so that you can enjoy the view; a Balcony Net Kit is very effective and will stop birds from being able to fly into a balcony at all, but if its just an issue with them perching on the edge of your balcony, Plastic Pigeon Spikes will stop them from landing, and visual deterrents like the Decoy Flying Falcon and sound deterrents like the MP1B Ultrasonic Deterrent will help to keep them away.

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Decoy Flying Falcon

£12.90 (£10.75 ex vat)

Bird Repeller Reflective Ribbon

£8.40 (£6.99 ex vat)

MP1B Ultrasonic Deterrent

£156.00 (£129.99 ex vat)

Bird Scarer Rods

£6.00 (£4.99 ex vat)

Wind-Powered Bird Scarer

£18.00 (£14.99 ex vat)

Transparent Bird Gel

£24.00 (£19.99 ex vat)

Balcony Net Kit

£110.40 (£91.99 ex vat)

Plastic Pigeon Spike

£3.50 (£2.90 ex vat)
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