Agrilaser Lite Bird Repeller

£330.00 (£275.00 ex vat)

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Where To Use

Long-distance silent optical bird repeller for indoor/outdoor use.

Ideal for repelling birds from large indoor structures: Hangars, Warehouses & Factories.

Product Specifications

Maximum range 1000 meters.

The Agrilaser Lite repels birds during lighting conditions of 20.000 Lux or less, which you can compare with cloudy weather.

Birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical danger and fly away in search for safer grounds.

Laser classification 2M Colour of laser beam Green Maximum range during 500 Lux light conditions 2,500 meters Maximum range during 10,000 Lux light conditions 1,000 meters Maximum range during 20,000 Lux light conditions 100 meters.

Battery life 150 minutes

Content Agrilaser Lite, storage box, 2x rechargeable CR123A batteries, Battery charger, lens protection cap.

Dimensions 195 x 25 mm Operating temperature -10C to +45C.

12 month manufacturer's warranty.

How To Install

The Agrilaser Lite is most effective during sunrise and sunset and in overcast, rainy or foggy weather conditions.

Agrilaser Lite is an excellent tool for routing unwanted birds from inside buildings such as warehouses, factories, stables, barns and hangars.

Do not point the device upwards, only point it at the ground Do not point the device at aircraft or within the vicinity of an airfield without prior autorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority or your local aviation governing body.

Do not point device at reflective surfaces. Do not point the device at vehicles.

Do not point the device at buildings, especially windows and doors.

Do not point the device at persons or non-target animals, especially avoiding the eyes.

Do not use the device for any other purpose other than for repelling birds.

To only use the device for repelling birds in accordance with applicable local wildlife control legislation